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hvac technician fixes an insdustrial compressor unit as his supervisor watches

Concordia Parish LA HVAC Technician Working Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are popular all around the world these days, this is why so many HVAC jobs are available for professionals who truly want to make a career in installing or maintaining such system.

What Does A HVAC Specialist Do?

A skilled and trained Concordia Parish Louisiana HVAC specialist will design, maintain, install and engineer HVAC systems. To put it simple, they can repair or replace wiring, various components or defective equipment, they can test the HVAC systems, they can assemble and test the equipment after the issues have been addressed and they can also inspect the systems on a regular basis, in order to identify and address potential malfunctions. Different states have different safety procedures, and it is the duty of the HVAC professional to make sure that the heating, ventilation or air conditioning system fully meets them.

Top HVAC Jobs Close To Concordia Parish Louisiana

Available HVAC Jobs

What Type Of Training Does One Need To Become A HVAC Specialist?What Training And Skills Does A HVAC Specialist Need?

Generally speaking, HVAC professionals who have previously completed a form of formal training (be it formal classroom teaching or apprenticeship) have more chances of getting a job in this area. Depending on the type of education you aim for, it is not uncommon for the HVAC training to last up to 5 years in a Concordia Parish LA community college..

Concordia Parish hvac technician operating of heating system equipment in a boiler house

Concordia Parish hvac technician operating of heating system equipment in a boiler house

Not only do HVAC technicians need to get their license in order to operate in this industry, but they also need to be aware of electronics, drawing, physics and math principles. HVAC specialists that aim for a basic entry-level job should only have a Bachelor’s Degree, while those who want to aim hire should have a Master’s Degree in the field.

Job Prospects And Salary

At the time being, the average yearly salary for a HVAC professional is around $40,000, with an average hourly wage of $20.00. Speaking of the job outlook, it must be said that the demands for this occupation are continuously growing, and that those who have undergone a type of formal training that resulted either in a license or in an Associate’s Degree are more likely to get a steady, secure and well-paid HVAC job.

On Concordia Parish, Louisiana

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In spite of the fact that most HVAC technicians specialize either in the installation or the maintenance of HVAC systems, some of them can do it both and they offer their services both in residential homes and in commercial buildings.

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